About MathsCasts

MathsCasts are narrated screen video recordings of explanations of mathematical concepts. They are produced by the mathematics support centres at Swinburne University of Technology, The University of Limerick and Loughborough University. They are part of an ongoing collaborative research project to develop high quality resources and investigate the effectiveness of MathsCasts to support mathematics learning. They are targeted at prerequisite to first year level, in a range of subjects such as: Engineering, Sciences, Business, Computing and Technology.

Given the number of MathsCasts we are producing, and despite review of each MathsCast before publication, it is possible that small inaccuracies may remain undetected. If you see such an inaccuracy, please let us know by emailing to the address listed at the bottom of this page.

MathsCasts carry a Creative Commons licence - you may use them for non-commercial purposes, without any modification. This includes the title and final slides, which list us as the producers of the MathsCast.

The three main researchers at each university are

Dr Birgit Loch (Swinburne)

Dr Olivia Gill (Limerick)

Prof Tony Croft (Loughborough)

The three mathematics support centres websites are:
Maths and Stats Help (MASH) Centre (Swinburne, Australia)
Maths Learning Centre (MLC) (Limerick, Ireland)
Mathematics Learning Support Centre (MLSC) (Loughborough, UK)